Monday, March 26, 2012

The Girl with the Book and Movie Obsession

As you might have noticed, I am majorly behind in books and movies. Since I managed to get The Hunger Games out of the way, (at least the movie part), when I saw that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was on Pay-Per-View this weekend, I begged my husband to watch it with me. Now, keep in mind, I knew NOTHING about this movie except it was a trilogy. I don't know how many of you have read these books or seen this movie...especially since it has been out for quite a while, but I am often late to the party.

I have wanted to see this movie for a while because I heard the female lead character was supposed to be have Asperger like characteristics. That was all I knew. This is what I read on Wikipedia - Lisbeth Salander: She is a computer hacker with a photographic memory. She is highly introverted and has difficulty connecting to people and making friends. Due to what is referred to as a traumatic childhood, she is particularly hostile to men who abuse women and take special pleasure in exposing them and punishing them. The male lead character, Bloomkvist, describes Salander as having Asperger's, though others would describe her as having a major antisocial personality disorder. Either way, it fits the story! I have read in several different interviews that the author intended for the character to have Asperger's, but it depends on whether you watch the English version or the Swedish version as to how it comes across.

Yes, the movie has violence and so does the book and you can read about that almost anywhere. I like to focus on the goodies to take from the the adult Happy Meal toy from the movie! Here is what I could find...
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo earrings
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo leather necklace
Watcolor girl from Etsy
...and of course I had to make a collection of outfits for this poor, misguided woman to wear!!

So what books or set of books that everyone else has read or is talking about have you not even cracked open? Just recently, I have been seeing show after show on about this new trilogy called Fifty Shades of Grey. Of course, some say it is great, some say it goes too far. But now, even if I wanted to read it, I would have to get it on my Nook because if someone saw me with the book, there is no telling what people would think and then go tell everyone else! Everyone knows THOSE kinds of friends, right?!!

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