Monday, March 5, 2012

The Day Jonah Went to the Doctor

My youngest, Jonah has severe asthma. It has been a problem since he was a baby. For a long time, they said it was just allergy related. Last year, I finally got a doctor to listen to me and agreed to send us to a pediatric pulmonologist. There is not one in the town we live in, so we go one town over...just 28 miles to a great children's hospital... Brenner's Children's Hospital. Everytime we go there, I am always so impressed how everything is catered towards children. Sometimes, doctor offices will just throw some toys in a box and call it a day. This office has a train set out in the lobby. There is a family library to use. This is the little cornere we were waiting in.

Yeah, this is a computer...complete with all kids programming!
We had to do a lot of waiting and testing so we brought Jonah's Kindle to play.

Luckily, we have managed to get his asthma under control to where he used to have to use a nebulizer twice a day to now he uses a regular discus inhaler and only has a flare-up occasionally. He had been taking steroids so much, there was a concern about his growth and the possibility of ulcers and now that concern has passed. I am glad that I kept pushing for what I knew in my heart was the right thing all along. Asthma can definitely go hand in hand with allergies and that is how he had been treated for his whole life up until last fall. At that point, my argument to his pediatrician was that there where times when he would wheeze and his asthma was flaring when his allergies where not...therefore I felt his asthma needed to be looked at as a separate illness. Luckily,the pediatrician agreed and the treatment course taken has made a world of difference.

Have you ever gotten a doctor to change their mind about the way they are treating you or your child? Are you having trouble getting your doctor to treat you or your child the way you think you or your child should be treated? I would love to hear the story!


  1. This is actually a post I can relate to at the moment! I am glad to hear that your son is ok now, the right treatment makes all the difference. I am currently going through some medical issues myself and am very dissappointed and unhappy with the way my doctor is treating me (which is not at all actually). She is not asking me about symptoms and tells me that certain womanly things which you aren't supposed to miss is normal when you do miss one, I am in immense amounts of pain and discomfort and dont know what's going on. Unfortunately it has reached a stage where I am having to beg other practitioners to accept me as a new patient! She tells me that it could be due to a range of 'stuff' and is most likely nothing... Nothing! While I am sitting there in pain and finally bit the bullet to pay for an appointment after 3 weeks of pain she tells me it's probably nothing! All this only really happened as of yesterday and thismorning so it is very fresh in my mind and I am still of course very upset by it all! I sometimes think doctors forget that us average joes aren't doctors ourselves...we can't come to appointment with a list of possible diagnosis and the corresponding treatments and simply ask 'which would be the best one?'. Ahhhh it is all very frustrating!!

    1. With all 3 of my kids and myself, I have gone from doctor to doctor, even doing my own research at times...actually bringing papers printed out from the internet to prove my own theories. Some doctors don't like that, but others don't mind hearing you out. I firmly believe that if a doctor will not listen to your concerns then it's time to move on and just keep looking until you find someone that will take your concerns seriously. You deserve to be listened to. I wish the best for you!!

  2. So glad you got the doctor to listen to you. Frustrating when they don't. Sounds like things are going much better for Jonah! No little boy should have to be nebulizing on a regular basis!

  3. I can't imagine how scary that is to deal with. I'm glad you were able to get the care you wanted and he needed.