Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Candy and Easter Candy

My daughter has a birthday coming up and she wants a candy theme which is not the easiest! I had been looking at this website, Dylan's Candy Bar and they have some great stuff. Look at this tackle box filled with candy... 

If it didn't cost so much and my daughter wasn't inviting so many people, I would give these to each of her friends. 

Then, as I always do, my brain got distracted and I started looking at what else they had. The next big holiday is Easter and boy, do they have Easter stuff! They have baskets, eggs, candy bars, make your own baskets, you name it, they have it! This is my favorite basket...
Isn't that the cutest?!! I always have the hardest time with Easter baskets because Jonah can only have a certain type of chocolate and if Ethan and Lindsey get chocolate, Jonah gets jealous. Usually, the baskets I make are filled with non-food items, like crayons, toys, pj's, toothbrushes...probably disappointing items.  

Maybe you wish you could give a Bunny Pants Basket to your kids, and you can! Just 
Hop over to Dylan's Candy Bar and see what they have to offer. They even ship their chocolate overnight during spring and summer months so it does not melt.

What would you buy? Do you go all out on Easter baskets for your kids?

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