Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in the Life of the worstest mommy Part 3 you can see, my days go on and on and once the kids get home it seems like the day slips by too fast or it doesn't go by fast enough. Yesterday, once we got home from picking Lindsey up from school it was bath time for the boys. And by bath time, I mean the five minutes they play in the water before they jump out to go play somewhere else. I am not even sure the water has penetrated their dirt shield, but at least I tried! When they come downstairs, we have dinner. Sometimes, I have dinner early for them and then a snack before bed. They are going to ask for snack before bed anyway...this way I just get rid of the excuses. After we eat, Lindsey takes cares of the dishes and I try to get the boys to clean up the box of legos they had dumped on the floor. But by cleaning, they thought I meant to play farming in the middle ages and they chose to harvest their wheat or something instead of picking up the legos. Boys can be soooo frustrating!!!

We managed to make it through the afternoon without too many arguments between the boys....I didn't hear the usual, "I hate you Ethan, you're the worst brother ever!" Lindsey made cookies last night, so that did help. Although she told them they could each have four and Ethan ate one of Jonah's...and of course, that meant that I gave Jonah one of mine. Isn't that what any mom would do? At 6:30 it was time for Ethan to get his nighttime medicine...there would be no sleeping for him or anyone else without it and it takes 45 minutes to an hour to kick in. So that usually signals the last minute push for snacks, clean-ups, and whatever else needs to get done. Lindsey ran through a couple of her piano pieces real quick because she is playing in a piano competition Saturday. I threw a load of laundry in the wash and the boys had one last gun battle with the nerf guns.

With bookbags packed, clothes laid out for the next day, stories read, and snacks eaten it is finally bedtime. Well, it is time for the boys to go upstairs. Ethan is tired and will go to sleep. Jonah will stay up until 11. I don't really like him staying up late, but I also can't make him sleep. Nighttime is the time I have to myself and when my husband is home, it is the only time we have alone. And then bright and early in the morning, we have to start all this fun and excitement all over again. Although the details of each day may change, the basics are the same...get up, get the kids out, pick them up, homework, dinner, bed, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the monotony can get to me, making us all irritable. At the same time, any changes also can make us irritable as we are a family that doesn't really like changes!

I am going to include a link-up, but never have much luck with these. But if you have post about a day in your life, or if you are moved to write one, I would love to read about the day that other people have. I find other people's days much more interesting than my own!!

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