Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Has Spring sprung on you and your family as quickly as it has my family? One day we are all in hoodies and warm coats, the next day we are in shorts and sneezing are heads off! The  worst one in our family in the youngest, Jonah. Not only does he have seasonal allergies, but he has severe asthma. We just had a checkup last week with the pediatric pulmonologist and his lungs sounded fine. But between then and now, his lungs have already gotten junked up with pollen. You can hear him wheeze when he breathes. Luckily, we have a nebulizer at home so I can treat him. But for those with seasonal allergies, so you know the best way to keep those allergies in check? Here are a couple of things we do:

  • Take your shoes off when you come in the house. Your shoes are going to have pollen on them and you don't want to track that through the house, so leave them at the door, or on the porch if you can. 
  • Take a shower when you come in from outside to wash off the pollen or allergens. Jonah cannot do that because of his sensitive skin. Too many baths or showers just dries his skin out, so he just changes his clothes. Whatever works best for you.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. This goes for your house and your car. Do not let that stuff in your house or your car. It just gets everywhere, even if you cannot see it and it will only make you miserable!
  • Vacuum frequently, especially if you have carpets. We have mostly hardwoods with a few rugs. I try to sweep every day, especially the kitchen.
  • Wash bedding frequently, protect pillows and mattresses with covers. They usually say to take down curtains and get rid of stuffed animals. But if you have kids like mine, it is usually impractical to get rid of curtains unless you want them up all night or at the crack of dawn. And if they have favorite stuffed animals, are you really going to get rid of them?
  • Do not hang your laundry outside. Pollen can stick to towels, sheets, and clothing items.
  • Medicine: We do use medicine, prescribed by an allergist. We have both a nasal spray we use daily and Singulair, which works for both allergies and asthma. I would say both help him and if I forget, he reminds me! As far as over the counter, I have the best luck with the off brand, over the counter Zyrtec....but that is just me.
  • Allergy Shots: We did this for Jonah for about 9 months or so...he has so many allergies that he had to get 2 shots each time, 1 in each arm, twice a week. Overall, I don't think it helped. I would not have done it over and we have not continued. It was an enormous expense, in gas, time and money, and of course, was not much fun for Jonah!
  • Misc: Some people suggest wearing a mask outside. This might be good if you have to mow the yard or do yard work. I would avoid exercising outside when the pollen count is high. Some people swear by things like the neti-pot. I have never used it, but to each his own. Do not forget about your eyes. Allergy eye drops work, especially if you start using them before the symptoms hit. Pollen counts will be highest in the morning so if you have to work outside, try to do it in the late afternoon or evening. Use a dehumidifier and a HEPA filter if you have one. 
  • When you just feel really bad and your sinuses are aching and you have drainage, that is when you might want to go to the doctor. Usually, a sinus infection does not go away by itself. A short acting steroid or antibiotic will make you feel a lot better and who wants to spend their spring feeling so lousy?!!
What allergy remedies do you rely on?


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  2. We suffer from horrible allergies in our family. My three year old suffers from asthma, although I don't think it could be categorized as seriously as your son's. We are always trying something new to help with the allergies.

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    1. Thanks Melissa!! I think any child that suffers from asthma and allergies has it bad. It's just miserable for the child, and therefore, miserable on us mom's! We just want our babies to feel good again!!