Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CookieCoo Dancing Star - Fun Learning for Children

If you are looking for educational apps children that can help you teach your young ones basic skills in a fun way, the CookieCoo Dancing Star is a good choice. Fun kids apps aren't hard to find especially now that there are gaming application developers such as ThinkCube coming up with some of the best games for iPad, iPod, iTouch and iPhone. You might have doubts on the effectiveness of iPad apps for kids but when you see CookieCoo Dancing Star, you will find that you have made the right choice. This game is designed to teach your kids not just rhythm but also other basic skills that they need to learn at a young age.

Among the kids apps for iPad being sold today, the CookieCoo Dancing Star is designed to fit kids of all ages. Even the youngest among your brood will find this game quite pleasing to their senses and for sure they will be dancing to the beat in no time. There is a reason why CookieCoo Dancing Star is considered to be one of the best kids apps for iPad today. This childrens apps is designed not just to be entertaining but highly educational as well. This combination makes it every parents new toy when it comes to teaching their kids how to use their eyes, ears and hands properly.

Free children apps may be a good choice but most of them are purely for entertainment only. The good news is that CookieCoo Dancing Star is priced around $.99 only which won't really make a big dent in your wallet. The best way to get your kids looking forward to learning is to go and look for good apps for kids that you can buy and download onto your own device so you can play with your kids anytime of the day. Who said that digital games such as the top apps for children like CookieCoo Dancing Star is bad for your kids? The highly entertaining characters, music and game play makes it fall under the top educational apps for kids these days.

Kids educational apps such as CookieCoo Dancing Star can help you and your young one bond together during study time. The combination of kids' songs like Hokey Pokey and This Is The Way We Wash Our Face coupled with cookie characters that they can dance and sing with will certainly get their interest level high. With the aid of this tool, you will be able to hone your kids' skills in a more entertaining way.



*This was a guest post by Peter Song, who works with many of Korea's application and education developers  such as Woongjin, one of Korea's largest educational Publisher

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